In my opinion, this is an axe

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  • Women: I'm pregnant what should I do?
  • Pro life: keep the baby!
  • Women: okay! Can I have prenatal vitamins?
  • Pro life: what?
  • Women: can I have financial help for doctor appointments?
  • Pro life: ummm.....
  • Women: can I at least get paid maternity leave?
  • Pro life: ummm... Excuse me?
  • Women: the baby is here can I get financial help?
  • Pro life: I'm sorry do we know you?



So apparently, this is a thing: Greenscreen-clad workers who secretly flip models’ hair during shampoo commercials. (via @makingofs on twitter)

if they would leave the mummy in the commercial I would be 200% more likely to purchase the product

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Gavin’s mugshots in Let’s Play Burnout Paradise (x)

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Restoration Angel

Made with acrylic

God damnit.

Delightful on several levels.

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Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter

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Donna Doodle~

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i know they say our culture has a persistent nostalgia for about 20 years ago, but does that work recursively?
like, in 20 years will we look back nostalgically on 90s nostalgia?
"remember when we remembered the ’90s"


Didnt I say you were grounded

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Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter!

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s name

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